Jennifer L. Hatch is Owner and your Host.  Born in Minnesota, Jennifer always had a passion and dream for the wild Mountains of the West. She loved to travel this wonderful country, east coast, the Midwest even moved to Texas  for the dream but in 2011 she discovered Washington.  Moved to Spokane and started a horse ranch with all the fun adventures of a western romance she started horse trail rides, lessons, leasing, sales and boarding..  Her life passion of owning a mountain property came to be when she and her husband (Jared a Combat Veteran) explored one weekend to the Selkirk Mountains of Metaline Falls. There they discovered the perfect piece of property, everything she dreamed of as a little girl.  It was like she finally arrived home!  The planning has begun... Jennifer will spend her life here at Mountain Refuge Ranch, her passion of horses, hospitality, rugged beauty of the forests and amazing views will captivate everyone! Jen wants to share this beautiful place and will open a 3 cabin B&B for all to enjoy, including Veterans whom Jen wants to help by combining her personal Veteran experience and research along with Cannabis, talk therapy and Equine/Animal Therapy (if requested, or you can just enjoy the Mtns and stay.....  Jen dedicates this Mtn Retreat to Veterans and her husband Jared, if not for Jared, Jen would have might never had a new spark passion of Veterans into her life.  He brought this new life and passion to her and although he chose a different path he is AWLAYS welcome and also always in her heart, on her mind and connected by her soul...  Door is always open for him and other Veterans in need.. Let the Healing and Relaxation begin!

Our unique Mountain Cabins are nestled in the forest of the Selkirk Mountains over looking the Emerald colors of the Pend Oreille River! 3 luxurious 3-4 star cabins for guests & veterans who need some R&R, are in crisis or just needing a special retreat. Mountain Refuge Ranch is offering safe seclusion and an opportunity to experience a whole new way of 'Healing' thru our own experience and guidance with equine and animal therapy! In a setting that is truly breathtaking…..

We have Campfires, barn yard time available with ranch animals, hammocks to lay back and drift away listening to the wildlife lullabies, hiking along wood chip paths taking in the full beauty of your surroundings, just like porch sitting? Your cabin has a porch with unique benches, hunting, fishing, swimming just minutes away at Sullivan lake, on site shooting target rang, golf course just 2mins away, or hit a few golf balls off the cliff in front of your cabin! Enjoy Seclusion with some unique small town amenities all within minutes of the B&B. The Views from each Cabin will blow you away! You will not want to leave…… but when you do you will leave with memories to last a lifetime….

**** ALL IS NEGOTIABLE on a Barter basis too!  Come help build, clear, donate time or items and Jen will give back to you as you need... **** Jen wants to help Veterans so if $ is an issue DO NOT WORRY, we will work it out!

Veteran Package: sliding scale based on needs, no more than $45 per hour.
Veteran Equine and Ranch Animal Therapy- Hands on Barn Yard time with Horses but also Wolf hybrids, mini cattle, goats, alpaca, rabbits, chickens and more!

Equine assisted psychotherapy is an emerging form of therapeutic intervention in which horses are used as tools for clients to gain self-understanding and emotional growth. Equine assisted psychotherapy is a type of animal assisted therapy, a field of mental health that recognizes the bond between animals and humans and the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed and it helps heal the Veterans wounds and gives them a new sense of a positive outlook!
Our Equine Assisted Therapy Program involves equine activities set up and facilitated by experienced horse professional/owner who also has 1st hand experience in Veterans needs, PTSD, TBI Depression, Anxiety and more…. These activities are most often performed on the ground (but can graduate to riding), and include such things as grooming, feeding, haltering, lounging, saddling and leading the horse. During the process of working with the horse, the handler and veteran engage in talk therapy, processing feelings, behaviors and patterns. Our ultimate goal for the Veteran is to enjoy the safe beautiful seclusion of nature at our B&B and build skills such as personal responsibility, assertiveness, non-verbal communication, self-confidence, and self-control. Animals can heal but also give you lots of joy and happiness, something we all need!

Why use horses and animals for therapy? One reason is because horses and ranch animals need a lot of care. A veteran can put aside his or her own troubles in the immediate job of caring for the animals. The Horses are large and strong, which challenges a person to overcome his fear in order to work with the animal. Horses mirror moods, too; they respond negatively to negative emotions, teaching the veteran that his behavior can affect others, and making it necessary to modify behavior in order to work successfully with the animal.

Veteran/Military discounts 15% off every night stay. And $20 off every trail ride booked with our sister ranch: Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding in Spokane, WA!
Free shuttle to Sullivan lake, Metaline falls town, Gardner Caves as well… (as needed basis)


Volunteers & Donations needed!


Mountain Refuge Ranch B&B mission is the build a Cabin retreat for Veterans in need! We will have 3 stunning cabins with Mountain and River views. Nestled in the serene forests, offering safe seclusion for our guests, veterans & their families in crisis or needing a retreat vacation that isn’t going to trigger their PTSD, Anxiety or other problems that plague our Wounded Warriors! We will be offering Equine & Ranch Animal Therapy, Trail Rides, Fishing, Shooting Range, Hiking, Swimming, or just plain relaxation and more!

What we need are PEOPLE LIKE YOU who want to be involved and help this cause!

Let’s build an amazing place for our veterans!

****For those of you looking to invest we also have a gift tier set up for you that whatever you give you get a gift in return! Primarily stays at the B&B, camping at the property, Trail rides, Lessons, family horse ranch fun and more!!****

What we need:
- Financial donations to build, buy supplies, pay contractors and anything and everything along with building this dream!
- Labor! General and Skilled! Men with chains saws, anyone willing to help clear property build fencing, wood artists to build benches, cabin builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, someone who is knowledgeable in building homes, roads, barns, fencing etc..
- Supplies- Any & all types building supplies, trusses, tools, ply wood, water tanks, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling..
- Heavy Equipment use, rental, dozer, clearing, portable saw mill, winches, tractor loaders and others.

***We promise anyone who helps will be rewarded! Good Ol’ hard working fun, good company, campfires, camping, BBQ’s, food and drink given to labor helpers, plus you get the enjoyment of this amazing property!! Come enjoy the building of this cause!

            If you are at all interested in helping PLEASE contact

                                       Jen Hatch 509-227-9077


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Our 'sister' ranch Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding in SPOKANE, WA is Open

 year round for unique trail rides and lessons!