Camping & Tents


*****FREE*****for Volunteers!

Cut down a tree or two, Donate some

 time, items or funds, use the slash and debris for your camp fires

Right now Camping IS available!


$20 per tent, (up to 4 people),  $10 each additional person.

+$15 tent rental if you need a tent provided, have several sizes available....







Rustic rugged camping!

We will have table set up, chairs for you,  hot dog roasters, 4 water jugs for washing up,

 sun shower, you have amazing views, enjoy campfires every night and more! Bring

 your own bedding, food, cooking gear etc..




















Our 'sister' ranch Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding in SPOKANE, WA is Open year

 round for unique trail rides and lessons!