Thank you for your Service!

We are here for you! 


Mountain Refuge Ranch has so much to offer Veterans, Military and their families!

50% off for ALL Military and Veterans (must provide id of some kind)


Sliding Scale discount to stay at the Bed & Breakfast for those in need so if $ is an

 issue DO NOT WORRY!!!  I will work with anyone, NO ONE will be turned away

 due to $.  Barter options avail!

 $25 off a Trail Rides, and sliding scale for those in need also for equine therapy at

our Sister Ranch Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding. Ask how! Some Veterans

benefit far more than just Therapy, being at the Horse Ranch or at Mtn Refuge is

 really a special experience you wont forget, you can become apart of this Cause.

 Your not just a Veteran or client but considered respected friends, and as a

 supporter partake in all the benefits both Ranches have!

Fishing, Boats n swim gear available, Golfing  next door Small Shooting Range on

 site, enjoy the AMAZING scenery just outside your cabin or tent!

 Campfires, Hammocks, nature trails and more for you to enjoy in a safe secluded

 retreat setting.


*Choose what you want to participate in, you can just come for R&R and that's ok.


Sliding scale for those in need, no more than $45hr Equine and Ranch Animal

 Therapy, Trail Rides and more! ASK HOW


Equine assisted psychotherapy is an emerging form of therapeutic intervention in which horses are used as tools for clients to gain self-understanding and emotional growth. Equine assisted psychotherapy is a type of animal assisted therapy, a field of mental health that recognizes the bond between animals and humans and the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed and it helps heal the Veterans wounds and gives them a new sense of a positive outlook!
Our Equine Assisted Therapy Program involves equine activities set up and facilitated by experienced horse professional/owner who also has 1st hand experience in Veterans needs, PTSD, TBI Depression, Anxiety and more…. These activities are most often performed on the ground (but can graduate to riding), and include such things as grooming, feeding, haltering, lounging, saddling and leading the horse. During the process of working with the horse, the handler and veteran engage in talk therapy, processing feelings, behaviors and patterns. Our ultimate goal for the Veteran is to enjoy the safe beautiful seclusion of nature at our B&B and build skills such as personal responsibility, assertiveness, non-verbal communication, self-confidence, and self-control. Animals can heal but also give you lots of joy and happiness, something we all need!

Why use horses and animals for therapy? One reason is because horses and ranch animals need a lot of care. A veteran can put aside his or her own troubles in the immediate job of caring for the animals. The Horses are large and strong, which challenges a person to overcome his fear in order to work with the animal. Horses mirror moods, too; they respond negatively to negative emotions, teaching the veteran that his behavior can affect others, and making it necessary to modify behavior in order to work successfully with the animal.

** Jennifer Hatch is a experienced horse woman, with personal 1st hand  experience with Wounded Veterans.  Jennifer is NOT a licensed therapist her abilities come from her experiences with her husband who is a Combat Veteran Wounded Warrior, other Veteran clients and her extensive experience with natural horsemanship training for 14yrs.  Her personal experience in understanding PTSD, TBI, Anxiety, Depression, Numbness, Anger/Aggression and other Veteran wounds helps Jennifer relate to veterans and help them over come their issues with teaching the Veteran how to communicate with the horses and animals.

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Our 'sister' ranch Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding in SPOKANE, WA is Open year

 round for unique trail rides and lessons!