Volunteers and donations needed!



Mountain Refuge Ranch B&B mission is the build a Cabin retreat for Veterans in need! We are building 3 stunning cabins with Mountain and River views. Nestled in the serene forests, offering safe seclusion for our guests, veterans & their families in crisis or needing a retreat vacation that isn’t going to trigger their PTSD, Anxiety or other problems that plague our Wounded Warriors! We will be offering Equine & Ranch Animal Therapy, Trail Rides, Fishing, Shooting Range, Hiking, Swimming, or just plain relaxation and more!

What we need are PEOPLE LIKE YOU who want to be involved and help this cause!

Let’s build an amazing place for our veterans!


****For those of you looking to invest we also have a gift tier set up for you that whatever you give you get a gift in return! Primarily stays at the B&B, camping at the property, Trail rides, Lessons, family horse ranch fun and more!!****

What we need:
- Financial donations to build, buy supplies, pay contractors and anything and everything along with building this dream!
- Labor! General and Skilled! Men with chains saws, anyone willing to help clear property build fencing, wood artists to build benches, cabin builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, someone who is knowledgeable in building homes, roads, barns, fencing etc..
- Supplies- Any & all types building supplies, trusses, tools, ply wood, water tanks, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling..
- Heavy Equipment use, rental, dozer, clearing, portable saw mill, winches, tractor loaders and others.

***We promise anyone who helps will be rewarded! Good Ol’ hard working fun, good company, campfires, camping, BBQ’s, food and drink given to labor helpers, plus you get the enjoyment of this amazing property!! Come enjoy the building of this cause!



~Chain Saws, land clearing labor help!

~Portable Saw Mill

~Welder and someone to weld pipe fence

~Post hole digger

~Wood Splitter

~Chop Saw

~Wood Chipper

~Gun Range Targets

~Fencing hardware

~Financial Support to buy what we need!

~Skilled labor to build wood benches, help with building cabins....

~4Wheeler and Wagon

~Have a sm Dozer but need operator and repair knowledge...

~Camping Supply Donations, pallet of water from costco, food, pantry supplies....

~High Luments lanters and flashlights

~12k lb winch

~building supplies, pallets, plumbing, electrical..

If you can help with ANYTHING just let Jen know!!!!

      If you are at all interested in helping PLEASE contact

                                             Jen Hatch 509-227-9077






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